Group Name: Nocturnal Sol

Nocturnal Sol was born in the spring of 2009 with the sanctioning members Seraphina and Annelise. Many days after its legendary birth on the first of May, Annelise and Seraphina met others along the way, eager to join in the craft that had brought the two together.

From the unorthodox, the distinctive name “Nocturnal Sol” was inspired by the great and beautiful mind of Annelise’s mother, Ms. Suzy. After her spending much time in assisting, the name was written in honor of two ideas. The word “nocturnal” was chosen in honor of the members and the craft of the night, and “sol” in honor of the Spanish word for “sun”, to reflect hometown San Antonio’s unique “fire” and cultural spirit.

Lord Rabbit along with the Lady Cyn joined later in the year 2009 in the scorching month of August to share the journey. The talent of Lord Rabbit with the rope dart, and Lady Cyn with her poi and fans have contributed to the group’s overall forte in ways one can only imagine.

Not long after, the four met yet another man with a passion for the flame: Matt Hazard. Laid back and down to earth in everyday, he switches gears when the sun sinks below the horizon. Note his name is not one that is given freely. His daring and explosive display with the rope dart is one that nobody should miss.

Honored to have five in the team with such a unique and incredible dynamic, these chosen few set out among the people, humbly presenting their knowledge. For a year after, the five grew together through the fire and flames, through the passion and laughter.

Then, upon a fateful summer night, the five noticed there were two faces that seemed different than the others. Little would they realize these two were to be among them: they were to be the newest members of Nocturnal Sol. Later, in the winter of 2010, Parabole and Lenore joined the group in their quest for the eternal flame.

Sadly, Matt Hazard and Parabole have left the group due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. The skills they brought as well as the contributions they gave will always be remembered by everyone who ever knew them. We wish them the best in their future endeavors.

With their absence, though, a new face shines within the “sol”. Welcomed in April 2012, we welcomed the newest member, Taiyo. His potential is as great as his height. Nocturnal Sol eagerly anticipates what he will learn as what he will do next.

Now, after many trials, laughs, and journeys, Nocturnal Sol has become part of the fiery soul of South Texas. Sharing their craft to all, everyone is welcomed among the art. With no limits, and without hesitation, let Nocturnal Sol set your “sol” free.


Nocturnal Sol has just released their newest video "Night of the Witch". Video was Directed, shot, and edited by Rogelio Salinas III. Music written by Reuel Meditz.

We just released our second music video done by "Quite Frankly" productions. Enjoy the video at

Nocturnal Sol's First Promotional Video is now available to be viewed. Directed, Filmed, and Edited By Jacob Castro.



Hot stuff: Local performers share art of fire spinning
Kens 5 article

by James Munoz / KENS 5
Posted on April 19, 2010 at 11:37 PM
Updated yesterday at 11:37 PM

Their stage names may be Lord Rabbit, Annelise, Lady Cyn and Seraphim, but when the fire is out they're Ryan Gernsbacher, Amanda Gonzalez, Cynthia Bergen and Mandi Falkner. The four make up Nocturnal Sol, a local fire spinning team with a mission.

Ryan Gernsbacher is the lone male on the team. For him fire spinning takes time and energy and patience. Nocturnal Sol uses their talent to raise money for various non-profit groups like the San Antonio Food Bank and The P.e.a.c.e. Initiative.

"Fire dancing is a part of our lives, it's an art that we found and fell in love with," Gernsbacher said.

For this group it's all about making the audience happy. "We hope to meet and go beyond the expectations of our audiences, Gernsbacher said. "We want our audience to leave a performance having had a fun, unique, and memorable experience."

Gernsbacher said it takes a unique individual to twirl and spin fire, but the fire dancing community is growing larger each day. He said it promotes good physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health. "Learning a new move or a routine is about muscle memory through repitition," Gernsbacher said. "The basics set the foundation to learn a more advanced technique."

There are a number of solo artists in San Antonio and at least one other fire performance troupe in town. You can catch Nocturnal Sol every Thursday at the Wax Club Lounge at 2211 San Pedro.

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