About Annelise

Stage Name: ANNELISE; graceful light female danish

Spins: Poi and Palm Torches

About Me:

Ahoy Matey! I’m the She-Pirate Known as Annelise.

You want to know about me? I’ll tell you about me. See, I’m a 27 years young female, born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Now, I may be of Mexican/Italian decent but let us just be honest here; I’m an American of the pot-luck, catch-all, junk drawer, hodge-podge variety. Yes, the United States of America, American. Sucks to be me? Not really.

There are ways and ways of entertaining ones self; though the first things that come to mind are generally at the expense of others fortune or misfortune, as the case may be; I’ve found that there are actually some out there that are, for the most part, harmless.

Now for expedients’ sake I shall here list 3 things that entertain me, of which only two are mostly harmless:

  1. Coffee; it’s seemingly harmless but apparently it’s not so healthy for ya. Who would’ a thunk?
  2. Fire Dancing; for obvious reasons this here can be and is, at times, hazardous; not only for the performer, but those around them. I would ask that you please keep this in mind when attending a fire performance. That means stay back and DO NOT distract the person in charge of Safety! You don’t know who these folks are? They’re the ones with a towel or fire blanket in their hands and a fire extinguisher right next to them. That said, enjoy the show.
  3. Books; books, books, books! I love books. They tell you things. Like whether or not you really want to put a pound of sugar in your experimental cookie recipe, or why the sky is blue.

Now, there is so much more I could tell you about myself, what I enjoy, my favorite kind of music or if my right leg is longer than my left, but to do so would bore the hell out of you and I’m not here to write a novel about myself. So, if you have any questions, just ask.

If you have read this far your patience exceeds mine and I bow to your will power in staying awake. If you’re looking for someone more lively check out my fellow troupe members. These are some crazy cool cats with amazing talents, great minds, and even greater hearts.


Photos of Annelise


About Lenore

Stage Name: Lenore

Spins: Rope Dart, Palm Torches, Poi, Flow Wand

I’m a girl from a small town who was up-rooted and dropped here in the big city in the midst of her teen years. I wandered alone, trying to find a home within all the sub-cultures of this thriving metropolis. I had always had a passion for performing, and a fascination with the flame; but no place to explore these interests. Until one day I was taken by the hand and lead from the dark into the brilliant world that is Nocturnal Sol. At last I had found a home.

By day I am your average 20 year old girl; I work, play video games, write, draw and spend time with friends. But when the sun goes down, and the music begins I become someone else entirely. I become a creature of the night who feeds off the energy of those around me and the flame as it makes its journey through the air.

My story is far from over; there are many chapters that still haven’t been written, but fire and the troupe have become my family now, and I know it will forever be apart of my life.

Photos of Lenore

Matt Hazard

About Matt Hazard

Spin: Rope Dart

Time of performing: June 8,2010 – April 25,2011
Laid back and down to earth in everyday, he switches gears when the sun sinks below the horizon. Note his name is not one that is given freely. His daring and explosive display with the rope dart is one that nobody should miss.


About Taiyo

Spins: Poi

I was born and raised in San Antonio and have actually never lived anywhere else. When you first look at me, I may look a bit intimidating (I am the tallest current member of the group), but I’m actually a really nice guy. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a fascination with fire, whether it be watching it or playing with it. Until I discovered Nocturnal Sol, I never really had an outlet, though. In my head, I think there’s just something about being able to control such a (hypothetically) destructive force to the point where it’s almost not dangerous at all. To me, being able to spin fire with my friends like this is a great outlet.

I love fire; the warmth it gives off when you’re cold, the light it gives in the darkness, and the variety of colors it can come in. Joining Nocturnal Sol gave me the opportunity to not only be near it more often, but to share my love of it with others as well.

Other than that, I’m really a normal person; I have a job, I play video games, and I hang out with friends in my spare time. I met the members of Nocturnal Sol a couple of years ago through another friend, and we’ve kind of been friends since; we hit it off really well.

For those who don’t know foreign languages, my stage name is actually Japanese… I’ll let you look up what it means for yourself, but I’ll say that what it means should be obvious.

Photos of Taiyo