Name: Seraphina
Known Alias(es): “The Ninja”
Crafts: Poi, Swords, Staff
Birthdate: Unknown
ID Method: Look for the person in all black trying to be sneaky.

I crash-landed into the Land of the Alamo back in 2006 when I got too big for my fish pond. Originally from the Sunshine State, I went to college and tried to be a normal person, but… let’s just say that didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I discovered the beauty that fire can create, and became seduced by its charm and allure.

I am not going to be cliché and use a moth reference.

This is where I met Annelise, my close personal friend and professional ally. We were in the same (yet totally different) fire group as we were steadily learning together this original art form, when things fell through with the group in which we were placed. Being in limbo and without knowing much where to go, our friendship carried us through this time period of uncertainty while I finished up college and she continued her life’s path. I honestly thought I was going to lose poi and the fire arts forever after this happened. Fortunately, though, it did not. In fact, we found some like-minded individuals who helped us during that time — and still do.

I have since graduated with BAs in Spanish and Communications and a love for the fire arts that is not disappearing anytime soon. I aspire to continue to learn as well as to teach those who are willing and able.